PulseX News – Buy and Burn Updates

PulseX buy and burn gets all of the fees, leaving none for the LP!

An update from Richard Heart (May 30, 2023):

It appears that the PulseX buy and burn gets all of the fees, leaving none for the LP. This same code has been in use for years of test nets, no one noticed, including the LPs. The fix that leaves fees for the LPs is on the right below, the current code is on the left. This has nothing to do with the $INC token that the LPs earn in the farms. When the new pairs exist with the new logic, everyone can move over to them if they wish, or they can stay where they are, earning no fees, but giving more to the buy and burn. Or you could pull your LP. In summary, if you are an LP in PulseX currently, then you are not earning fees, unless you are in a farm, in which case you’re earning $INC. The code you have been running is public and open source. https://scan.pulsechain.com/address/0x1… See the code section: “function _mintFee” I’ll let you know when the new code is live.


Check out detailed review by trusted PulseChain ecosystem Youtuber here:


Personal notes from the author:

#PulseX  code issue was found and showed that PulseX wasn’t paying any Liquidity Fees to yield farm depositors. This was very unfortunate to see. Some folks are recommending that you withdraw your liquidity and wait for the fixes and upgrade. I think the main thing here is to not panic.  Just be ready to redeploy when upgrade is back, and/or be prepared to hodl for a while. $PLS + $PLSX farms paying $INC are okay. Upgrade should be soon. Long term I’m still bullish. Just a small speedbump. Shaking out the week hands (people that probably should be in such a risky space to begin with!). 

Will continue to keep everyone updated!!!!